Exactly what makes this hotel-brand concept so smart?
Do the math.


Today, the hotel industry fails to address a customer segment that represents 73% of the U.S. adult population, according to recent study findings published by Pew Research Center.

Learn precisely how to use this golden opportunity to become the next innovative disruptor in hospitality and travel.



Multiply your hotel's earnings by appealing equally to overnight guests and locals, and add a powerful new stream of recurring revenue.


Inspire passionate loyalty and frequent return visits, by enabling guests to explore their specific interests in a variety of engaging ways.


Gain a truly unique differentiation factor that sets your hotel apart, and help build a better world through a socially conscious approach.

Apply to join us as a pilot hotel.


We are now accepting applications from hotel conference centers all across Manhattan and Brooklyn. 
Contact us to find out more about our forward-thinking concept and pilot program, before it's too late!
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